Kingshurst catch the Maroons Napping

The Maroons latest encounter saw the, face off against the formidable Kingshurst team. To say they kicked things off at a snail’s pace would be like calling a sloth a speed demon. Some parents even questioned if they’d stumbled into a re-enactment of Sleeping Beauty rather than a football match. Amidst this drowsy start, there emerged a hero in the form of Daniel, our very own Prince Charming, making a dazzling array of saves. But, alas, despite his valiant efforts, the Maroons found themselves a few goals down by halftime.

During halftime, the Maroons appeared to have undergone a miraculous transformation. Tackles were flying in left and right, courtesy of Austin, Charlie, Lucas, to name a few. Jesse took a rather nasty hit to his ankle, but this only seemed to motivate the boys further as they bombarded the opponent’s goal with shots from Josieh, Austin, Charlie, and Jesse.

Despite their heroic efforts, the Maroons couldn’t quite breach the Kingshurst fortress, and the second half ended in a goalless draw.

Parents discussed strategies for getting the boys off to a quicker start next time, musing about the possibility of a team that could actually play in two halves. Meanwhile, the boys, fuelled by Haribo, were running around with balls, laughing, and joking. This served as a reminder that, despite the disappointment, these lads had a blast with each other, which, in the end, is all that really matters.

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