SN8 open away at Kingshurst Pavillions

Match Report – Game Week 1

In a captivating away fixture, Solihull Navy’s faced off against Kingshurst in a match marked by unexpected twists and a rather unusual challenge: a relentless swarm of flies and mosquitos that tested both players and fans.

The opening minutes of the game set the tone for an exciting clash. Solihull Navy wasted no time in taking the lead when Dunners found the back of the net, brilliantly assisted by Elijah. This early strike put Solihull Navy’s in front much to the delight of their traveling supporters who were valiantly battling the pesky insects.

Navy’s momentum continued to build, and they soon found themselves further ahead with a goal by Elijah, again orchestrated by the skillful Dunners. Their combination play was proving to be formidable.

As Solihull Navy celebrated their advantage, their defense demonstrated its metal. Brookesy’s impeccable defending and Archie’s remarkable goalkeeping thwarted Kingshurst’s attempts to claw back into the game.

However, Kingshurst mounted a remarkable comeback, stunning the visitors by scoring X unanswered goals. The resilience of the Kingshurst squad and the support of their home crowd couldn’t be underestimated.

Solihull Navy, though, showed their fighting spirit. The duo of Pricey and Poulters displayed great tackling and tenacity prowess to regain control in the middle of the park.

The visitors managed to pull two goals back, reigniting their hopes. James struck a goal assisted by Elijah, and then Elijah once again found the net, this time following a foul on Dunners. The match now stood at X.

Regardless, the match will be remembered not only for its dramatic goals but also for the unique challenge presented by the unwelcome flying spectators. Well done the Navys (missing George on rotation week)

Pictured SN8 with new retro 3rd kit and squad bottles.

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