Solihull FC U14 Navies victory in League Cup opener

Solihull FC Navies commenced their league cup journey with an impressive away win against Lyndon Colts. Drawing on their pre-season experiences and the lessons learned from last weeks Open Cup match, they secured a commanding 0-3 victory.

The match highlighted Solihull FC Navies’ exceptional teamwork and unity, as players supported one another across the pitch. This collective effort led to a great and well deserved win.

Although everyone played very well indeed. The man of the match was Will, he scored two great goals. His first was an outstanding finish from 20-yards and his second was a perfectly placed penalty.

Solihull FC Navies now look ahead with confidence to their upcoming league opener next week. The team is ready to embrace the challenge, and this victory has filled them with pride and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

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