Solihull Navy’s U8 Showcase Resilience in Thrilling Cup Double Header

Solihull Navy’s showcased their prowess in an exhilarating double header, first against Alvechurch and then against Bournville Warriors.

In the initial clash against Alvechurch, Navy’s started on the front foot, seizing an early lead. Their fluid play and determined efforts culminated in a commanding advantage at HT. However, Alvechurch mounted a spirited comeback, turning the tide of the game with a flurry of goals to snatch a lead late in the match. With time ticking away, Navy’s refused to concede defeat and rallied to secure a dramatic equalizer in the dying moments, salvaging a hard-fought draw.

Undeterred by the nail-biting draw, Solihull Navy’s entered their second encounter against Bournville Warriors with renewed vigor. Displaying exceptional passing and cohesive teamwork, Navy’s dominated proceedings from start to finish. Their relentless attacking prowess yielded an emphatic victory, with each goal serving as a testament to their collective effort and unwavering determination.

In what proved to be a rollercoaster of emotions, Solihull Navy’s demonstrated resilience, skill, and unity, leaving spectators in awe of their footballing prowess and setting a high standard for future encounters.

Player ratings:
Arch: Archie “Martinez” was a rock between the sticks and deserved winner of Clearbrook MoM 👏
Brookesy: Max “Pau” Brooke showcased great tackling and distribution rewarded with Coaches PoM 👏
Pricy: Danny “Luiz” Price showed immense energy and determination, assisted and scored 👏
Sharpy: James “Bailey” Sharp was everywhere, skilful and Brave. Goals, assists and rightly earned SoN award 👏
Dunners: Max “Ollie” Dunbar was up for the match today and played his part with some good goals and assists 👏

Well done boys ❤

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