SU8 Navy’s back on form

In a thrilling football match, Solihull Navy’s took on Leafield Lions, and it was Navy’s who truly brought their A-game to the pitch. From the first whistle, they displayed exceptional passing and movement, demonstrating a genuine killer instinct.

The first half was a showcase of Navy’s prowess, with goalkeeper Poulter’s distribution being nothing short of outstanding. Max Brookes, holding down the fort at Centre Back, was at the heart of everything for the Navy’s. The entire team was ablaze with a hat-trick from Elijah and goals from Dunners, Brookesy, and James. What made their performance truly outstanding was the teamwork, as every member of the squad contributed with assists.

The second half was no different, as the Navy’s showed no signs of slowing down. Archie was impeccable in goal, and he was even unlucky not to score a wonder goal from the halfway line, and later would be deservedly awarded with the Spirit of the Navy’s award. Poulters, who had taken over from Brookesy at Centre Back, continued to be Mr. Reliable at the back. Dunners had a fantastic afternoon in a man of the match performance, netting another four goals, making it five in total. Elijah’s impressive season long form continued with two more goals in the second half, and James, who was often the provider, chipped in with another goal.

The Navy’s displayed a great passing and team performance throughout the match, leaving the fans thrilled with their skill and teamwork. It was a memorable display of football from Solihull Navy’s, a team firing on all cylinders.

As always the coaches were impeccable with their tactics and the boys carried out their instructions to a tee. A great day for the team.

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