U8 M

The Maroons found themselves in an uphill battle after their pre-match preparation

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. After heated discussions about who would step into Daniel’s shoes, the valiant Lucas bravely volunteered to take the gloves and performed magnificently throughout the first half. It was like he had a Buffon-shaped guardian angel whispering soccer secrets in his ear.

As expected, the decimated Maroons dominated possession and attacked in numbers. Against the run of play, King’s Heath took first blood, but it didn’t take long for the Maroons to strike back, courtesy of a fabulous Seb penalty.

Daniel, Veer, and Seb wreaked havoc in the Kings Heath box with quick passes and mazy runs, but the killer blow remained elusive. A second penalty, this time hit the crossbar. Against the run of play, the Maroons conceded again, setting the stage for a tantalizing second half.

The halftime message was crystal clear: get those shots off! Seb took the gloves from Lucas, and the second half started with promise. Nico, Austin, and Charlie heeded the halftime orders, unleashing some fantastic shots. Nico broke through twice but drilled both efforts wide. Austin, playing the role of a midfield maestro, pushing the team forward with his Pirlo esque passing and his Totti like dribbling. Unfortunately, much like Tottenham soon after, the Maroons were punished for their lack of conviction in front of goal. Kings Heath scored twice from individual brilliance, smashing in shots from range and leaving poor Seb with no chance. The Kings Heath team struck again, but by that time, it was all over.

Jesse, in a twist of irony, was handed the role of selecting a Man of the Match, and he awarded it to Nico—for actually following the halftime orders. The Maroons are now set for some soul-searching and a series of shooting drills to prepare for their next test. UTM! (Up the Maroons!)

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