U8 Majestic Maroons slay Alvechurch

It was another wild adventure for the Maroons as we battled with Alvechurch. The journey to Kings Norton was insightful, to say the least. Veer explained how he’s luckier than a four-leaf clover to be part of the Maroons, all thanks to Jesse “Mourinho” Jheeta picking him for the team. And get this, the unofficial Maroons manager gives me tips on what we should be working on for each coaching session. For that, he got a comfy seat on the bench, bless him! LOL!

Now, considering we’re a Solihull-based squad, I probably don’t need to tell you that half the team were off jet-setting, topping up their half-term tans. Meanwhile, Josiah was off celebrating the Chinese New Year. And wouldn’t you know it, as the boys roared to victory, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was the year of the Dragon. How fitting!

Brushing off their “sleeping beauty” reputation, the boys burst into action like firecrackers worthy of any festival. Veer kicked things off with a goal, followed swiftly by Lucas. I was convinced we’d banished all the bad spirts, but alas, halftime rolled around and we were down 3-2.

The halftime pep talk was simple: track your runners, hold your positions and the goals will come. And boy, did they come!

Jesse kicked off the second half with a screamer, thanks to a little help from Jacob. Jacob wasn’t finished there, he whipped in a wicked corner, which Austin smashed home. Daniel ditched his new gloves (which he was very proud of) for the last 10 minutes and wasted no time getting in on the action with a beautiful finish. The passing at this point was nothing short of breathtaking, with triangles popping up all over the pitch.

Lucas, now guarding the net like a ferocious dragon, pulled off a fantastic save to ensure we kept a clean sheet in the second half. Jacob, Daniel, Austin, and Jesse all added to their tallies, and the Maroons strolled off the field, practically dragon-dancing with joy. And get this, for the first time this season, every player on the field scored!

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