U8 Maroons face a cup double-header

Well, folks, the weekend brought us a double header with games against Maypole and Mayfly, on a beautifully cut and meticulously lined pitch. To say the kickoff was slow would be an understatement. In the first 10 minutes, it seemed like the Maroons were still in dreamland as they found themselves trailing. Everyone was left wondering if they had hit the snooze button one too many times.

The second half of the first game witnessed a different Maroon squad springing to life. Jesse took charge of the attack down the right, pulling off some mesmerising dribbling, and even managed to slot in two goals. However, despite their relentless bombardment of the Mayfly goal, the Maroons couldn’t quite overturn the first-half deficit.

Then came the second game against Maypole, and this time, we saw a whole new Maroon squad. Right from the start, the boys were on the prowl, pressing hard, winning the ball back with gusto, and piling immense pressure on their opponents. Goals rained down from Jesse, Austin, Nico, and Lucas, securing a victory.

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