U8 Maroons

The boys started strong, showcasing their skills. Two goals down, and neither from our own half – one soared into the roof of the net, and the other, thanks to a wicked bounce, dribbled between Jesse’s legs.

Despite the score, we dominated possession, with chances coming left, right, and centre. Veer managed to slip one in, giving us a glimmer of hope at halftime. Jesse handed the gloves to Charlie, and eventually to Jacob, who kept net wonderfully.

The Maroons played beautifully, with passing moves that would make even Barcelona jealous. Jesse, not to be outdone by Austin’s antics last week, pulled off his own pirouette and Cruyff turn. I half-expected the parents to break into a chant of “Give us our ball back!” demanding justice for our possession dominance. Goals from Jesse, Austin, and Lucas

Despite the result, we walked away with our heads held high, if not slightly bewildered and thoroughly entertained.

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