U8 N 2nd best in a thrilling game vs high flying Norton Lindsay Jnrs

In an intense football clash between Solihull Navy’s and Norton Lindsey, Lindsey, the standout team of the year, took an early lead. However, Navy’s fought back with a strategic play by James, enabling Dunners to equalize.

George’s solid challenges and Brookesy’s magnificent defensive efforts, coupled with Archie’s excellent goalkeeping and distribution, kept Navy’s in the game. The first half concluded with the teams level and all to play for.

Despite opportunities created by Pricey and standout performances from Archie, Navy’s fell behind due to impressive long-range shots from Lindsey. Undeterred, Navy’s clawed one back, as Archie assisted Dunners in securing his second goal.

Poulters’ outstanding saves and Brookesy’s motivational presence kept Navy’s in contention, but Norton Lindsey ultimately emerged as comfortable winners, though the scoreline arguably flattered the visiting team.

All of the Navy’s dug deep today, but is was not their day, credit to the Coaches and Archie, Man of the Match, and Dunners, SoTN, and the whole team for a battling performance.

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