U8 N bounce back in great style

In an exhilarating match, Solihull Navy’s delivered a stellar performance against a strong Chelmsley Wood Blacks side. From the kickoff, Navy’s showcased exceptional teamwork and determination.

The opening goal came from the skilled Pricey, orchestrated by Dunners, whose prowess earned him the well-deserved Man of the Match title. Despite Chelmsley Wood leveling the score, Navy’s relentless spirit prevailed.

James capitalized, as always, on a brilliant play by the talented Archie, who not only scored a remarkable goal but also assisted in creating pivotal moments throughout the game, marking an outstanding display by the Willoughby lad.

A thunderous strike from Brookesy, honored as the Player of the Month, and another precise finish by Pricey solidified Navy’s dominance, securing a commanding 5-1 lead at halftime. Poulters’ exceptional goalkeeping skills further fortified the team’s stronghold, making critical saves when necessary.

The second half witnessed Navy’s continued dominance, highlighted by Elijah’s impressive contribution, showcasing his trademark skill and determination. Archie calmly sealed the victory with the team’s seventh goal, capping off a remarkable performance.

Dunners, recipient of the Spirit of the Navy award, exhibited unwavering effort, coming close to extending the lead but narrowly missing opportunities. Navy’s stronghold was upheld by Poulters’ resilient defending and Pricey’s commendable goalkeeping in the latter stages of the game.

It was indeed a magnificent game for the Navy lads, demonstrating their skill, teamwork, and resilience on the field.

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