U8 Navys overcome Hampton Whites in blustery conditions

In an exciting clash, Solihull U8 Navy’s faced off against the formidable Hampton Whites team. Right from the kickoff, Navy’s showcased relentless determination and inspiration across the entire field.

The attacking trio of – man of the match James – Archie, and SOTN winner Dunners, reminiscent of an Aston Villa ensemble, displayed excellent chemistry, propelling Navy’s to a commanding lead at halftime. Amazing defensive efforts from Brookesy and Pricey, combined with Poulters’ impressive goalkeeping, maintained the Navy’s advantage.

The Whites staged a comeback in the second half, but the resolute defense led by Brooksey and Poulters, along with Archie’s heroic goalkeeping, thwarted their efforts. Meanwhile, Dunners, James, and Pricey continued to wreak havoc on the offensive end.

The Navy’s orchestrated seamless ball movement, effectively fending off the Whites’ attempts to regain control. Ultimately, Solihull Navy’s emerged victorious, showcasing a commendable team effort and skillful play on both ends of the pitch.

A tricky week for the Boys, but each and everyone stepped up for what might be their game of the season… equally matched by Coach Chris who was supporting from the Alps and Coach Rich who used all his experience in facilitating the run down of the clock!
Well done boys 👏👏👏

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