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Central Warwickshire Youth Football League

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November 3, 2023

Team fun: Birmingham’s VR Adventure

Our recent team outing in Birmingham was anything but ordinary. We left traditional team-building activities behind and embarked on a day of extraordinary fun through a VR experience. The immersive virtual reality world took us on incredible journeys, shooting zombies, escape rooms, shooting bats all while fostering teamwork and camaraderie. A brilliant day, thank you […]
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September 25, 2023

A Thrilling Start: League Opener Ends with a 3-2 Victory U14N

In a heart-pounding league opener, our team clinched a stunning 3-2 win, showcasing remarkable teamwork, relentless determination. From start to finish, we were the better team. Our defence, midfield, and forwards displayed great teamwork and coordination. Their unwavering spirit and refusal to never give up added to the match’s excitement. A highlight of the game […]
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September 18, 2023

Solihull FC U14 Navies victory in League Cup opener

Solihull FC Navies commenced their league cup journey with an impressive away win against Lyndon Colts. Drawing on their pre-season experiences and the lessons learned from last weeks Open Cup match, they secured a commanding 0-3 victory. The match highlighted Solihull FC Navies’ exceptional teamwork and unity, as players supported one another across the pitch. […]
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September 14, 2023

Lessons from Defeat: A Remarkable Start to the Season for U14 N

Our season began with a challenging match in the Open Cup against Premier League opposition. Despite the odds, we defended admirably as a united team, keeping the score 0-0 for over 20 minutes. While the match ended in defeat, it was a source of invaluable lessons. Defeat can be a powerful teacher, we learned resilience […]
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